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Welcome to the bookazine on the world’s most amazing facts, The World We Live In, specifically collated to feed your mind and indulge your curiosity.
We delve deep into the mysteries of our world with in-depth and entertaining articles, accompanied by cutaways, illustrations and incredible images, to show you exactly what goes on inside.We explore the universe through six areas of knowledge: technology, transport, the environment, history, science and space.
In this issue, you’ll also find a myth-busting special where we explore some of the most common misconceptions and unravel some of the strangest conspiracy theories. We’ve also got features on incredible space weather, supersonic stealth jets, experiments that changed the world and whether humans are still evolving.
Are you ready to learn more about the world around you? Then don’t miss The World We Live In 

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Frequency: 1 issues per year
The World We Live In - People Activity Book 

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